Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A dream?

Ok, first. I AM addicted to So You Think You Can Dance this season. The caliber of talent is beyond belief these past few weeks. My daughter, loves to sit in the room and watch with me. Tonight, being the Finale week, was AMAZING! Thankfully for Tivo type set up, I was able to use the pause as needed. LOL. Becca, my sweet girl, was entranced by it all and insisted on showing me HER dance moves. Which in my humble opinion were fabulous too.

But, it got me thinking. As I watched the show and the little girl who has captured my heart. The Dream... We all have them, but sometimes we lose them along the way. For as long as she can walk, she has wanted to dance. Dance and DANCE! She glows when she is moving to the music. I watched the people in the Finale tonight and they talked about their dream. To Dance.

I want to give that to my daughter. I want to wrap her dream up in a pretty bow and wrapping paper and say here.. TAKE IT! Leap for the stars, it is yours to attain! Grab it with all your heart. I am so proud of her, what she wants. She knows at a young age what makes her happy. What a wonderful gift. My hope is that 5 years, 10 years from now, she still glows with excitement at learning a new move. A new step.. and new joy.

-I hope in my eagerness to give her this dream, I don't make it something that is should not be. I see so many parents push their child into something. Then it no longer is pure, beautiful, special.

That gleam and laughter in her eyes tonight. As she danced about the room. It was infectious! I could not help but laugh with her and applaud when she was done.

Becca, sweet Becca. YOU CAN DANCE! Mommy is so proud to be your biggest fan.