Monday, February 1, 2010

Feels like forever...

I keep meaning to sit and blog. Then I get sidetracked into alternate universe called mommy land. So many things have happened over the last few months, I do not even know where to start.

-My sister in law lost her battle to leukemia. Although we were not as close as I wanted to be. She meant the world to me and her death hit me really strange. I kept thinking of those conversations I always wanted to have with her. The calm that I felt just sitting with and being around her. She was one of those people, you just knew she was good. People liked her. She was and will be so missed.

It got me introspective though. What would people think if I was gone? Would the love be as amazing as it was when she passed. I keep thinking about, whose life have I really impacted and what difference have I really made? (In those who are not fruit of my loins) Do I have "friends" who will miss me or will they honestly feel the loss when I am gone. It is pretty morbid, but it just really had me wondering.

I also felt myself reflecting more on my relationship with my other 2 sister in laws. What can I do to make them better? Stronger? Lasting?? I want something better with them. But at times, I have no idea where to start....


My knitting has really taken off. I have completed 2 hats in the last week.

The first is Wotcher Tonks hat. I originally made it, just cause I liked the yarn. It is out of the Opal Harry Potter Tonks sock yarn. But I think I might send it on to another fellow HP friend. I really like the pattern that the yarn made. Thankfully the colors were not too bright and scary to look at while knitting.

Then today I finished a hat for a special friend from my son's school.
This pattern was just a basic k2p2 on the brim, then a knit all the way around. About half way, I added a row of K3, yo, K@tog.... Then finished it off. Soooft yarn and so scrummy. Was a gift from beadsnyarn (thanks)
I am going to try to get back on the blog again. Sorry was gone for a while. I think I needed some me time to re-group and find myself again.