Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There are people who want to be your friend. They want to be around you. They take the time to make sure your included when something is going on. These are the people you should surround yourself with. People who will enrich your life, make you a stronger-better person.
Why do we always try to be around those who make us feel unimportant or like we don't matter? Isn't the whole point of friend: having someone whom enriches your life as much as you want to enrich theirs.

I have come to realize over the last month or so, that it is time to grow up and face reality that is life. Friends are great to have. I tell my daughter, you can never have too many friend. They enrich you, make you a better person. But are all "friends" REAL friends. This is the question I have been asking myself. I have started finding that, the people I want to be with, are not always the ones I have the most fun with. But rather that I enjoy being with them, even when all we do is sit and just be there. YES, fun can and will still be had. But, honestly, I want to know your my friend because you like me. NOT because, I am a hoot sometimes. Because, honeys- there be times, when this hoot is not fun and I need someone to be my person. That if I want to talk, they will listen. If I want to cry, they will wait and if I just need to be around someone... there is no need to do anything.

So many books about self-help out there. But really, when you really need to fix something, it is not the words on a page of a book that will always be a fix. It is the words your writing within yourself that matter. Needing to look in the mirror and like what you see. This will reflect onto the people your put around yourself. And further will reflect onto them and maybe, make them feel better about themselves too.

Do you want to just be the person people want to hang out with when the going is fun? Or do you want to be the person they just like to be around period!

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BeadsandYarn said...

nice post Tam :) I am glad to be your friend, even if all we do is sit and knit!