Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great day with kids!

Today was one of those, hmm, what can we do to keep the kids from getting "bored"! The Answer?? Explorit Museum in Davis. It is a lot like the one in San Jose, but not as big and not so crowded. The kids had a serious blast. We went with Claire and her kids (Ashlynn and Alex). Also had plans to go with another friend, but her smaller one was feeling ill. So, we bopped on over and picked up Gabriel's friend Corinna.

Small drive to Davis (25 min), not a lot of traffic.

I think the biggest success was parachutes. They had this huge wind tunnel that you could put different things into, to see if the wind effected them different ways. Foam square, parachutes, etc. Next to the wind tunnel was a craft table. All of the kids made their OWN parachutes and got to test them out. Would a paper clip in the basket make it fly faster than a metal ring?? Add a paper clip.. hmmm. Was FABULOUS science experiments and the kids had so much fun!

Then onto water play, static electricity, perhaps testing how acidic certain items can be?? There was something for all ages. Gabriel got into the higher tech things. Rebecca: the microscope was soo cool. Saw a feather up close, starfish, hair, coconut fibers. NEAT!! Zachary: was all about the water table, and testing how to make a dam and flow tubes. (shhhh don't tell his dad. The Civil Engineer in him would giggle)

All in all, a great day. Finished off with a trip to McDonalds and playground.

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